Pierced clit - Benefits of the VCH Piercing

Clit pierced Female Genital

Clit pierced Benefits of

Vertical Clit Hood Piercing: 15 FAQs, Pictures, and More

Clit pierced Clitoris Piercings

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Clit pierced Clit Piercing

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Clit pierced Clitoris Piercings

Clit pierced Clit Piercings:

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Clit pierced Benefits of

Clit pierced Category:Clitoral hood

What'S The Most Painful Piercing

Clit pierced Vertical Clit

Clit pierced Clitoris Piercing:


Your piercer may have a solution to prevent closure.

  • That's the hood's job, much like the foreskin covers the glans of the penis.

The triangle piercing can create a hot button of pleasure with the ring stimulating you from behind your clitoral shaft and even bumping the actual clit with the external parts of the hardware.

  • Although it does have nickel, a protective layer on the metal serves as a barrier between the nickel and your body.

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