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Camel toe young Gympole pole

Charlotte Crosby reveals her crotch needed to be edited after developing a 'camel toe' on Studio 10

Camel toe young Celeb Kids

Camel toe young Celeb Kids

For those worried about painful urinary tract infections or yeast infections, we're here to say that there's nothing inherently wrong or unsanitary about Team No Panty.

  • Jodie Foster played the teenager Iris when she was 12 years old.

The movie shows a 24 hours in the life a group of friends who live in New York.

  • How do you honestly go about giving a lecture and not feel that? I'd be stuck in my room until I was 20! In addition to a certain freeing feeling that comes with not wearing an additional layer, it's also one less piece of laundry to do, and you're kept a wee bit cooler during your exercise.