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These include a facelift which would explain why her face looks that tight at her age without any sagging and which has been amazingly done, facial fillers which would account for her nicely pumped cheeks and which give her a youthful look, Botox injections hence the lack of wrinkles and signs of aging that would normally be apparent around the eyes and mouth on anyone in her age bracket and an eyelid lift as well that reduces the effects of aging around the eyes eliminating wrinkles or making them less noticeable.

  • She came out with a gospel album in 2001 and a full record of Christmas songs in 2004.

If Ann-Margret is your style icon, try wild 60s florals, bright solids and anything with sparkle.

  • This timeline takes you through her early life in Sweden, school years, and the beginnings of an illustrious career.