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Goddess the leg Tara

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Goddess the leg Leg Goddess

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Goddess the leg Goddess Kyaa

Goddess the leg Lethal Leg

Although White Tara is supposed to represent serenity, it does not mean that she is a passive figure, as she too is believed to help her devotees overcome obstacles, especially those that block their path towards enlightenment.

  • Such statues have found their way into the galleries of museums all around the world, far away from where they were originally made.

Interestingly, when the statue first arrived in the British Museum during the 1830s, it was considered to be overly erotic and did not suit the sensibilities of the British public at the time.

  • The Popularity of Tara The great of Tara is evident in the many works of art that depict this bodhisattva in all her forms.