Kriz rovinj - Punta Kri┼ż, Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj kriz Punta kri┼ża

Rovinj kriz Punta Kri┼ż,

Gay and swinger beaches in Rovinj

Rovinj kriz Gay and

Rovinj kriz Gay and

Rovinj kriz Rovinj Apartments

Rovinj Apartments Old Town: Room 2+2 *** Sveti Kriz 1A

Rovinj kriz Home HR

Valalta FKK Naturist Camping Rovinj

Rovinj kriz Gay and

Rovinj kriz Valalta FKK

Rovinj kriz Punta Kri┼ż

Rovinj kriz Punta Kri┼ż,

Punta Kri┼ż

The atmosphere of hospitality of this restaurant highly depends on the staff, that is friendly here.

  • In order to confirm a reservation it is required to pay the necessary deposit.

This beach is suitable for different categories of people, lonely travellers, relaxation getaway lovers etc.

  • To find this gay and swinger beach You need to arrive a few hundred meters from the entrance ÔÇö reception of the popular , turn left and then follow a gravel road till you come near the beach.